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Static Balancing

Static balancing helps ensure smooth and efficient operation of your rotating machinery.

If excessive vibration in your industrial fan or other rotating machinery is identified, ACT Associates provides static balancing either at your facility or in our plant. Our 10,000-lbs. capacity means no job is too big or small.

In its most basic form, static balancing is conducted by placing your fan unit on low-friction bearings so that it rotates gently and settles, thus identifying the heaviest point, which gravitates to the bottom.

Material then can be removed from the bottom (heavier) point or added to the top (lighter) point. The unit is rotated again to determine if another heavy point is present, repeating the process until there is no longer an obvious heavy point.

In a more sophisticated process, we use our static balancing machine and place your fan on its vertical axis on a non-rotating spindle tool. The spot on the fan with the greatest mass is acted upon by gravity to deflect the tooling downward. The amount of deflection indicates the magnitude of the imbalance. The angle of deflection indicates the angular location of the imbalance.


static balance

Correction at a single position along the length
of the unit is "single-plane" balancing.